Digital Archival

Regardless of the nature of your business, Elk utilizes Archival Disk technology to provide secure and stable long term archival solutions for your digital data.

Benefits of Archival Disk technology

Currently under development of its second generation by a collaboration between Sony and Panasonic, Archival Disk’s provide significant advantages over other digital storage methods suitable for long term storage of digital content.

  1. Longetivity - Unlike HDD storage which has expected lifespans between 3-5 years, Archival Disks provide data integrity for 100 years.
  2. Avoid Data migration - The increased longetivity of Archival Disks means that regualar data migration is not a factor.
  3. Data authenticity - Physical WORM (Write Once Read Many) structure.
  4. Power consumption - Disks require a fraction of the power consumption of HDD’s making them a sustainable and cost effective solution.
  5. Environmental resistance - Increased resistence from water damage, solar storms, geomagnetic events.
  6. Long term support -

What our service offers

Elk will consult with you about your information management needs and provide a quote for your archival solution.