Paperless Office

Realize the full potential of your business by transitioning to a paperless office.

Advantages of a paperless office

An effective paperless office is critical to any modern business to remain agile and operate effectively. Most businesses today operate in a hybrid space between paper and paperless. We believe a fully integrated paperless system can help transform your business to become highly efficient and technologically equipped. Some of the benefits of a paperless office are:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Compatibility
  4. Scalibility
  5. Secure

What our service offers

We tailor your paperless office to the requirements of your business, recognizing that every business has unique data storage requirements depending on the nature of your industry.

Whether you need a one-off scan of old documents and archives or wish to transition your business processses to a paperless environment, we provide customers with an end to end service.

The service is made possible by implementing industrial scanners at scale to provide a much higher throughput than a typical office envrionment.

In addition, Elk provides the integration of file management technologies, for example, providing searchable pdfs from scans.